It’s Shocking...

It’s nothing short of shocking how many real estate agents don’t even own a home (and have never owned a home), yet they give advice on how to do it.

This is one of the reasons Housing Heroes was established.

Being very disappointed with the results achieved when outsourcing the selling processes of their own homes to traditional agents, Housing Heroes started selling their own stock.

Housing Heroes consistently achieved better prices and quicker turn-around times than traditional agents.

Housing Heroes found many Sellers facing the same challenges we faced.

The agents don’t understand...

The agents didn’t seem to understand that if a property didn’t sell, the owner still had to pay bank loan repayments, rates and insurance while it remained on the market.

We therefore upgraded our Property Developer licence into a full blown real estate agency licence so we could assist other Sellers who were facing the same results.

We solve problems for both Buyers & Sellers

Identifying significant challenges in the marketplace with Buyers struggling to purchase and Sellers struggling to sell, it seemed obvious to create and provide solutions for all parties in an integrated manner that solved both problems.

This created the birth of the Live-In Layby™ product suite which also incorporates the Deposit Layby™

Housing Heroes continues to grow and looks forward to a prosperous journey helping Aussies achieve the great Aussie dream of home ownership, while helping Sellers find better solutions and better results for their own desired selling outcomes.

We look forward to helping you!