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Become a Priority Partner?


Priority Partner Agents are our “go-to” Agents who receive early notification of new listings.

Under certain circumstances, greater than 50% Referral Rewards are available.

In certain circumstances Priority Partners can also conduct Open Homes.

Priority Partners can receive a “Key-Holding” fee to facilitate access to the property in areas where Housing Heroes does not have a local agent “on-the-ground”.

• The “Key-Holding” agent provides access for other agents, valuers, building and pest inspectors and any other parties that require access to the property.

Priority Partners also receive any rental enquiries we receive in their area.

More Info About Our Agent Alliance...

Let’s face it, no agency “owns” a buyer. Buyers shop around with multiple agencies when they are actively in the market looking to buy.

The agent that finds the buyer the right home will achieve a sale and earn some money. However that puts a significant restriction on an agent’s ability to achieve a sale and earn money.

If the agent can’t find a suitable home within their own stock listing pool, the buyer goes to another agency trying to find a solution. Another agent then achieves the sale and makes the money.

The Housing Heroes Agent Alliance Program helps solve that problem for agents.

DOWNLOAD the Agent Alliance Info Booklet here.

The AGENT ALLIANCE Program is very simple.

Any agent from any agency can sell Housing Heroes listings.

If an agent brings a buyer and it results in a successful sale and settlement, we pay the agent as if they were our own team member.

Most agencies call this type of arrangement a conjunction.

The Agent Alliance program applies to both private treaty sales and auctions.

Currently, Housing Heroes is paying conjuncting agents 50% of the Success Fee
(i.e. commissions) paid to us by our seller. (Priority Partner Agents can receive a higher split).

In all instances, the referring agent must be the person responsible for making the sale happen with their buyer. (i.e. the agent needs to pro-actively facilitate the sale).

This means the agent will be responsible for organising/conducting buyer inspections, presenting offers made by buyers, and facilitating the sale/settlement process through to completion.

Simply submitting the name and details of the potential buyer on the Housing Heroes website will not be sufficient to entitle an agent to share our fee.

In summary, the agent must actively “work” their buyer as the selling agent.

Housing Heroes will remain, at all times, the agent that holds conversations and negotiations with the sellers as Housing Heroes is the listing agent (and remains so).

Why do Agents need to give the buyer’s details to Housing Heroes?

In order to protect the agent’s right to their commission share (i.e. the conjunction fee), we need to clearly establish that the buyer “belongs” to the referring agent. Registering their details does that.

The website timestamps the registration so a clear audit trail is available to resolve any disputes if they ever occur. Keep in mind, it’s the active agent that makes the sale happen that wins.

In addition to protecting the agent’s rights to fee sharing, most vendors will require the details of anyone entering their home for insurance and property security purposes.

As most active buyers will be approaching multiple agencies, we probably have their details already.
Registering them lets you lay claim to them as your buyer (not ours) if you make the sale happen.

AUCTION Advantage:

Whenever Housing Heroes takes a property to market by auction, ANY agent from ANY agency can register their potential buyer as a bidder at the auction.

If the agent’s registered bidder wins the auction, the agent receives the 50% conjunction fee.

To be entitled to share the fee at the auction, the agent must accompany their buyer at the auction and actively encourage the buyer to participate in the bidding process.

Under the Agent Alliance, every single agency in the marketplace can bring their own buyers and “work” them trying to win the auction.

The agency that registered the winning bidder also gets the bragging rights over the other agencies.

What about the Live-In Layby® & Deposit Layby® product range?

The Live-In Layby® and Deposit Layby® are trademarked products that are only available through Housing Heroes.

These products help people who aren’t quite “bank ready”. These buyers normally need extra assistance to be able to buy. Often they can’t buy through normal channels (i.e. traditional agents).

As an example, we lend buyers “Top-Up” Deposit Funds to help them buy.

Because these buyers cannot buy a home without this assistance, there was never a legitimate opportunity for an agent from another agency to make a sale with them.

However we are happy to pay agents a referral fee for sending those buyers to us.

We don’t pay 50% conjunction fee in these instances, however we do pay a flat $1,000 referral fee if we help your buyer purchase a home using the Live-In Layby® or Deposit Layby® programs.

This lets agents make money from buyers who can’t actually buy any of the agent’s own listings.

If agents spend time with buyers who can’t purchase due to financial circumstances, don’t throw the lead away. We can help the buyer and pay the agent a Referral Reward (when we do help them).

How to Make the Referrals:

To refer someone to a specific property, you can either make the referral on this page and tell us which property it is, or you can go to the actual property page and make the referral there.

Simply select the Agent Alliance button (in the referral section) on the relevant property page.

Want to Join the Housing Heroes team?

If you’d like to join a team that has a trademarked product range giving both buyers and sellers unique & genuine advantages when buying or selling a home, Housing Heroes is the place to be.

Holding an ACL (Australian Credit Licence) gives us the market advantage.

We can do everything a traditional agent can do, however they can’t do everything we can do.

If you’re interested in joining us, we’d love to have a chat.
Send an email to admin@housingheroes.com.au