You Can “Plug-In” To Our System

We’re happy to discuss formal, commercial/business arrangements that let you “plug-in” to our system so you can benefit financially and commercially.

You and your customers can both enjoy these benefits.

Our advanced products give us, our Sellers and our Buyers a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

We give people that “extra” bit they need to help put real estate transactions together.

Traditional agents simply cannot compete with the Housing Heroes offerings as we hold the exclusive trademark to the Live-In Layby™ suite which incorporates the Deposit Layby™ program.

When people want to buy or sell property, they want to make it as easy and profitable as possible.

Housing Heroes does just that, which gives us and everyone we deal with a genuine advantage.

If you and/or your business have an absolute commitment to excellence and customer service, then we’d encourage you to contact us and discuss the option of joining forces.

• You may be an existing Real Estate Franchise network that wants to access our product offerings on a commercial level across your network.

• You may be an Independent Real Estate agency or an Individual Sales Person who wants to be the Housing Heroes Priority Partner agent in your local area.

• You may be a real estate Buyer’s Agency wanting to access properties that give your clients better leverage (lower LVRs), better “Cash-On-Cash” returns, better cashflow strategies and better ways to accelerate their portfolio growth.

• You may be a Mortgage Broking/Finance Company that wants to be involved in meeting the financial requirements of our Buyers & Sellers, Owners and Developers.

• You may be a Debt Consolidation Company wanting to help your clients secure the opportunity to achieve home ownership while you help them restructure their affairs.

• You may be a Charity wanting to create a reliable stream of donations for your organisation.

• You may be a large Developer wanting to access our products to give you a genuine market advantage over your competition and achieves better pre-sales.

• You may be a small Builder Developer/Investor wanting to focus on the construction and have us focus on site acquisition & selling of the stock at premium prices.

• You may be a Local Business or Franchise Chain (not real estate related) that wants to do cross-promotional activities to our respective databases.

• You may just be an Individual who wants to earn some extra money referring Buyers & Sellers to us on a more regular basis.

If you have an idea that you think will work for you (and we think it will work for us), then we’d like to have a chat and see if we can help each.

Referral Program Priority Partners

Our Priority Partners are individuals and businesses that work with our brand in the pursuit of profit for both parties.

“Mates Rates” Priority Partners

You don’t need to be a licenced real estate agent to refer people to us.

You certainly cannot “assist” in buying or selling properties without a
licence, however you can send as many people as you want to us and
we can do the “heavy lifting” in the areas that require the licences.

We’ll pay you for each and every successful referral!

One successful referral per week = $500 every week you receive ($26,000 per year).

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a Buyer or a Seller, we pay the same.

If you refer both, we pay you twice.

Find out more about the “Mates Rates” Referral Program by CLICKING HERE!

“Local Legends” Priority Partners

Your business has a “pot of gold” sitting right there in front of you.

Your business and Housing Heroes share the same customers, however our products don’t compete.

This means we can refer customers to each other without negatively impacting the trade of each business. It can only make things better for each of us.

We’d like to refer our clients to your business. We’d like you to refer your customers/clients to us.

Working together, we can make each business more profitable.

People find buying and selling real estate expensive, confusing and frustrating. They want to find an agent they can trust to take care of everything and make sure they achieve good results.

Housing Heroes makes the process easy, makes it more affordable, and we GUARANTEE our results so that everyone who deals with us can have confidence.

Your business can give your customers/clients a $500 discount voucher if they buy or sell through Housing Heroes.

We pay the business owner $500 for every successful referral (when a Buyer buys or a Seller sells). That’s $26,000 per year for one successful referral each week.

We pay your team member $250 for every successful referral they make.

If the team member makes one successful referral each week, that’s $13,000 extra they receive from their employment income, without it costing the business owner a single dollar.

If the business owner is the person who makes one successful referral each week, it adds an extra $39,000/year in income to the “bottom line” of the business without incurring any costs.

In addition, you build strong brand loyalty with your own customer base by giving them access to special “Mates Rates” (saving them $500 simply because they’re your customers) when referring them to an industry specialist that can do more than the traditional real estate agent to help them buy & sell.

Find out more about the “Local Legends” Referral Program by CLICKING HERE!

Are you a Real Estate Agent wanting your own business with a unique market advantage?

Our Agent Alliance program allows us to work closely with other agencies. We help each other be more profitable & more effective in our local markets.

We pay 50/50 conjunctions to our Agent Alliance partners.

We call them Referral Rewards.

We also help you build your business and your profits in other ways.

You can find about more about the Agent Alliance by CLICKING HERE!

If you are an individual agent wanting a market advantage.

Let’s face it, most agencies can only compete on their smile, the size of their database and their fee.

Many agents are actually competing with their own salespeople in their own office.

If you’re new, you’ll find it very difficult to “break in” to your own market-place.

Housing Heroes is in a totally different league!

Our unique product range gives us a different product to sell and gives both Sellers & Buyers genuine financial reasons & benefits to deal with us instead of dealing with a traditional agent.

We’re not selling the same “product” as everyone else, we have something different; something better !

The product offerings are powerful and they do most of the “heavy lifting”.

If you’d like to work with a real estate agency that’s not living in the dark ages, then consider coming aboard.

The industry is changing. Innovation is needed to survive and Housing Heroes has the keys !

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