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Q. Do I need bank pre-approval?

A. No. If you have bank pre-approval, your stronger financial position will allow you to find a closer match to your needs and your budget. If you do not have pre-approval, we can still help you.

The Housing Heroes trademarked products are specifically designed to help people either seeking bank approval or, wanting to set themselves to be ready to secure bank approval.

Q. How Does the Live-In Layby™ work?

A. Answers to the Live-In Layby™ are answered in the Live-In Layby™ area of the website. Alternatively you can download the Home Buyer Information Kit which explains it thoroughly.

Q. Can you help ex-bankrupts?

A. Yes. We have helped many bankrupts and ex-bankrupts re-establish themselves after their bankruptcy has been discharged.

Sometimes you may need a little extra time under the program or you may need a little extra assistance however that is the purpose of the Live-In Layby™ product suite, which is to help people who others won’t help.

Q. How can I inspect a property I’m interested in?

A. Simply contact the agent who is responsible for that listing and they will arrange it for you. Email or phone are usually the best methods to make contact.

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