Easier to Buy, Easier to Sell!

The Deposit Layby TM is a cutting-edge modern product that meets the
needs and resolves the challenges faced by modern Buyers & Sellers.

The biggest challenge facing Buyers is securing finance for the purchase.

If they don't have a deposit, they can't get the finance.

If they can't get the finance, they can't buy the home.

This creates a HUGE problem for our Sellers, because if a Buyer can't buy, the Seller can't sell!

The Housing Heroes Deposit LaybyTM solves that problem!

Buyers use OUR money to buy THEIR Home!

(no other real estate agent will do this for you)

Buyers can Buy The Home NOW, and Save The Deposit Later!

(while they're living in the home they already own)

Because we make Housing Heroes homes easier to buy,
We attract more Buyers who can actually buy.

This makes it easier to sell for our Sellers!

Sellers have the Housing Heroes Advantage!

Because our Deposit Layby TM is unique to Housing Heroes (we own the exclusive trademark), Sellers who sell their home using Housing Heroes gain access to this market-leading product.

Because an additional specialised ASIC licence (Australian Credit Licence) is required to offer the product, no other agency can offer this product (if they don't hold the additional required licence).

If a Buyer has a choice between buying two homes, one has easy-qualifying "Top-Up" Deposit Funding in place, and the other needs the Buyer to use all of their own money, the home with the funding assistance has a distinct advantage.

This is because it's easier to buy. This gives the Seller an advantage.

The Housing Heroes Advantage!

Because we make the "Terms" of the sale so easy (letting them use our money as their deposit), we find Buyers are happy to pay the asking price.

This is because Buyers recognise they can stop renting immediately, which saves them tens of thousands in wasted rent because they don't have to continue renting trying to save their deposit.

Sellers can now make their home easier to sell, without having to discount the price (which is the only option available to Sellers when they use traditional agents).

We can do everything a traditional agent can do, however they can't do everything we can do!

Sellers and Developers can find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Buyers "Fast-Track" home ownership with our "Home-In-A-Hurry" Deposit LaybyTM!

Whether you're a Renter, Buyer or Investor, saving the deposit is the single biggest factor that restricts your ability to buy property.

You can lose tens of thousands in wasted rent while you save your deposit and you can miss all of the capital growth in the property if you're "locked out" of the market.

You can either own the capital growth (if you own the home), or you'll have to pay someone else for the capital growth if they own it while you're saving and getting ready to buy.

The Deposit LaybyTM solves all of those problems and more!

You Buy The Home NOW, and Save The Deposit Later!
(while you're living in the home you already own)

Our agency lets Buyers use our money to help them buy their home.

No other agency will do this for you!

When buying a home through Housing Heroes, Buyers get the Housing Heroes Advantage!

Buyers & Renters can find out more by CLICKING HERE...

To find which properties are available under the Deposit Layby™, do the following:

           • Select the "AVAILABLE PROPERTIES" from the top menu bar.

           • Select the "Deposit Layby™" option from the "Sort By What You Can Do" options at the top of the page.

[The Deposit Layby TM Product is a stand-alone product that functions in its own capacity. The Deposit LaybyTM Product is included in the Live-In LaybyTM Product Suite because it’s based on our “Advanced-Legal-Method-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” approach to making it easier to buy & sell homes].