Making it Easier to Buy

If we make a property easier to buy, it makes it easier to sell.

This benefits both the Buyer and the Seller.

The biggest challenges facing Buyers today is saving the deposit.

If they can’t save the deposit, they can’t secure finance.

If they can’t secure the finance, they can’t buy our Seller’s property.

Our Deposit Layby™ solves that problem!

We let the Buyers use our money (Housing Heroes money) as their deposit to buy our Seller’s home.

No other agencies will do this for Sellers or Buyers!

This gives the Buyers a genuine reason to look at Housing Heroes’ properties.
(because this opportunity is not available through any other real estate agency)

This means we attract more Buyers to our homes.

More Buyers = More Competition = Faster Sales = Better Prices
(due to competitive tension)

To download the Deposit Layby™ Explained for Sellers, click HERE.

If you’d like to speak with one of our friendly consultants about how
The Deposit Layby® achieves a Premium Price
(higher than other agents can achieve)

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