Can You "Tick The Boxes"?

Securing finance can be tough. Different lenders have difference lending criteria which means you never know which ‘hoops” you need to jump through to meet their “tick boxes”.

Having experienced mortgage brokers assist you with the process makes it easy.

Our mortgage brokers are very experienced in all aspects of securing bank finance.

Whether it’s looking for a “normal” domestic residential home loan, or trying to source complex development construction loans with staging drawdowns, it pays to have experts by your side.

If you’d like to have a friendly chat with one of our skilled mortgage brokers (about either residential or commercial construction finance complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Free, No-Obligation Chat

There’s NO OBLIGATION when you speak with our brokers. They’re simply happy to have a chat to see if they can help you when you are ready to purchase.

If you need finance immediately, they can help you secure finance for ANY property purchase (i.e. it doesn’t have to be a Housing Heroes property).

Likewise if you’re not quite ready, they can give you great guidance on a good course of action so you can get yourself “Bank-Ready”.

Obviously it’s free to have a chat with them and there’s no obligation to use them.

have a chat with them and there's no obligation to use them.

The Trademarked Live-In Layby® Product Range

Getting finance when everything is “normal” is one thing, however what are your options when you don’t fit “inside the dots” with the lenders.

That’s when Housing Heroes really steps up to the plate and gives you the advantage you need to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

In addition to being able to help you with traditional finance, Housing Heroes has a range of additional products that help people with either their immediate deposit needs, or helps them get “Bank Ready” so they can secure traditional finance as soon as possible.

We do this with our trademarked Live-In Layby® product range.

The Deposit Layby®

If you’re short on your deposit, the Deposit Layby® is definitely worth looking into. You use our money as “Top-Up” Deposit Funds so you can buy a home sooner.

Effectively, you buy the home now, and save the deposit later (while you’re living in the home you already own).

The Live-In Layby®

If you have “spotty” credit, employment that the bank believes is unsecure (contract works, self-employed, short term, casual) or you simply need time to get other affairs in order (wills, estates, divorce/other legal settlements), the Live-In Layby® might be the way to go.

The Live-In Layby® product range gives you a genuine advantage if you need some extra help.

Our brokers can point you in the right direction.

Home Ownership GUARANTEE!

Keep in mind, our Home Ownership GUARANTEE means you’ll have
“Your-Own-Home-In-Your-Own-Name” GUARANTEED !

We work with you to navigate the “shark” infested waters of financing a property.

Home ownership is definitely achievable. You can do it and we can help you !

If We Can’t Help, No-One Can!

Holding the trademark to these specialist products (additional ASIC licences required), Housing Heroes retains the exclusive use of the products for the benefit of our own Buyers & Sellers.

No doubt by now you will be noticing that we are not a traditional real estate agency.

We can do everything a traditional agent can do, however they can’t do everything we can do !

How To Have a Chat

If you’d like to have a friendly chat with one of our skilled mortgage brokers, (either residential finance or construction finance) simply complete the following form...

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