Thinking of buying a home but you’re not sure if you can?

• Maybe you think you don’t have enough deposit?

• Maybe you’re self-employed and need more time on your financials to meet the banks requirements.

• Maybe you haven’t been at your current job long enough.

• Are you a contract employee and the bank doesn’t like it?

• Are you an ex- bankrupt or you have spotty credit history on your credit file? 

Housing Heroes can solve all of these problems!

• Are you an investor caught in the new APRA lending guidelines and you need more deposit to meet the 80% LVR guidelines so you can continue building your portfolio?

• Are you a renovator who has enough to buy the house but not enough to do the reno?

We can solve all of those problems and more!

The Deposit Layby®

The Housing Heroes Deposit Layby® program solves the problem of
not having enough money to buy a home immediately.

It lets you buy the home now, and save the deposit later
(while you’re living in the home you already own!)

You use our money to buy your home immediately.

The interest rate is the same as the primary lender so there’s
no penalty to use this product.

The easy-qualifying process lets you achieve genuine home ownership
years ahead of the traditional route of wasting tens of thousands in
dead rent while you save your deposit and watch house prices continue
to increase beyond your affordability.

It makes it much easier to buy a home using the Deposit Layby®.

DOWNLOAD the Deposit Layby® Explained for Buyers & Renters HERE.

The Live-In Layby®

The Housing Heroes Live-In Layby® is a trademarked product
exclusively available through Housing Heroes.

We own the trademark, therefore the program is not available
through any other real estate agency.

The Live-In Layby® helps people who need more “time” to get them
themselves “Bank-Ready”.

This program lets you “put your foot” on the price of the house so it’s fixed for a few years.

This lets you live in the home and treat it as your own (within reason)
until you are ready to secure traditional bank finance.

The Live-In Layby® is a like “Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids” program that
takes out all of the “bad stuff” we all hear about (with the dodgy
rent-to-own programs), and we put in a heap of “good stuff” that
gives you confidence you’re dealing with a company you can trust.

“Good stuff” like our HOME OWNERSHIP GUARANTEE!

To find out more about our Live-In Layby® Download the Home Buyer Info Kit HERE!


If you’re not sure if you can achieve home ownership, our

We call it the “Your-Own-Home-In-Your-Own-Name Guarantee!”

If you use our Deposit Layby® program, you’ll have legal title in your
name immediately.

• You own the home first, and pay off the deposit later (while living in the home you already own).

If you use our Live-In Layby® program, legal title will transfer to you when you finally secure bank finance and give the Seller their full purchase price.

This may take a few months, it may take a few years.

• It depends on how long it takes for you to secure your finance.

Our HOME OWNERSHIP GUARANTEE removes a lot of the risk from the transaction.

By following our 5-Step plan, we Guarantee you’ll own your own home in your own name !

We risk our own money to make sure you do!

We’d love to help you to buy a home, even if you don’t think you can.

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