We’ve got the “extra” bits....

We give people that “extra” bit they need to help put transactions together.

Traditional agents simply cannot compete with the Housing Heroes offerings as we hold the exclusive trademark to the Live-In Layby™ suite which incorporates the Deposit Layby™ program.

If you have an absolute commitment to excellence and customer service,
we’d encourage you to contact us and consider joining the team.

Whether you’re looking for a role in sales, sales support, administration, property management, handyman/maintenance services, marketing or even being our runner who runs errands (setting up Open Home signs etc…) we’d love to hear from you.

If You’re an Existing Agency

Our Agent Alliance program allows us to work closely with other agencies and help each other be more profitable and more effective in our local markets.

We pay 50/50 conjunctions (we call them Referral Rewards) with our Agent Alliance partners.

You can find about more about the Agent Alliance by CLICKING HERE.  

If you are an individual agent wanting a market advantage.

Let’s face it, most agencies can only compete on their smile, the size of their database and their fee.

Many agents are actually competing with their own salespeople in their own office.

If you’re new, you will find it very difficult to “break in” to your own market-place.

Housing Heroes is in a totally different league!

Our unique products range gives us a different product to sell and gives both Sellers & Buyers genuine financial reasons and benefits to deal with us instead of dealing with a traditional agent.

The product offerings are powerful and they do most of the “heavy lifting”.

If you’d like to work with a real estate agency that’s not living in the dark ages, then consider coming aboard.

The industry is changing. Innovation is needed to survive and Housing Heroes has the keys!

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