Easier to Buy When You Can’t Buy, Easier to Sell When You Can’t Sell!

The Live-In Layby TM is one of the most exciting commercial products
to hit the real estate industry in modern times.

For years the industry has totally neglected Buyers & Sellers who can’t
buy through traditional methods of sale.

The Live-In LaybyTM solves most of the negative problems with positive outcomes for everyone!

[The Live-In LaybyTM Product Suite consists of two main products,
the Live-In Layby TM Product and the Deposit LaybyTM Product].

The Live-In Layby™ Product lets Buyers secure the house NOW, and secure the finance later!

The Deposit Layby™ Product lets Buyers buy the house NOW, and Save the Deposit later !
(while the Buyer is living in the home they already own).

Both Sellers and Buyers gain significant market advantages when they buy or sell using the Live-In Layby TM product range. The flexible options available simply make it EASIER to buy & sell!

Sellers finding it hard to sell
have previously been totally abandoned by traditional agents
if their property doesn’t sell quickly (or is hard to sell).

If a house needs a few too many repairs for fussy Buyers, or the Seller’s current bank debt is preventing them from achieving a sale, their options with a traditional agent are very limited.

Most times they have no options at all !

The Live-In Layby TM not only helps Sellers solve a lot of problems not resolved by traditional agents, the program also gives Sellers a “Locked-In” future Buyer at a price above today’s current market value.

In additition to that, the Seller enjoys a positive cashflow asset with no tenant/management hassles, no rates, insurance, repairs or maintenance to pay.

The Live-In Layby TM gives Sellers the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of a great Aussie family, while making a profit in the process. We call it “Profit-Driven-Philanthropy”.

The Live-In Layby TM gives Buyers time so they can get themselves “Bank-Ready”. During that period, you as the owner receive positive cashflow from the property.

Sellers can find out more by CLICKING HERE...

Buyers struggling to get traditional finance often receive arrogant treatment from traditional agents who think the Buyers are “wasting” the agent’s time because they don’t think they’re in a position to buy.

How disrespectful of the agents and how disappointing for both the Buyers & Sellers.

Housing Heroes has capacity to help more Buyers than ANY traditional agent.

We know we need both a Seller AND a Buyer to get a home sold.

By making it easier to buy, we attract more Buyers. This makes it easier to sell for our Sellers!

If you’re a good person with some spotty credit hanging over your head from a few years back, if you’re self-employed, newly employed, or you just need some time to sort out some “life” issues (divorce settlements, will/estate settlements etc..), the Live-In Layby TM lets you get into the market while the rest of the world is trying to keep you out.

You get to live in the house while you get yourself “Bank-Ready”.

You get the home now, and get the loan later !

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We’ll Even GUARANTEE Home Ownership!

The Live-In Layby TM is like a “Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids”.

Traditional Rent-To-Own has a bad name, so we take out all
of the “bad stuff” and put in a heap of “good stuff”.

For example, we give our Buyers a Home Ownership GUARANTEE !

Your Own Home In Your Own Name, GUARANTEED!

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To find which properties are available under the Live-In LaybyTM, do the following:

        • Select the "AVAILABLE PROPERTIES" tab from the top menu bar.

         • Select the "Live-In Layby TM" option from the "Sort By What You Can Do" options at the top of the page.

[The Deposit Layby TM Product is a stand-alone product that functions in its own capacity. The
Deposit LaybyTM Product is included in the Live-In LaybyTM Product Suite because it’s based on our “Advanced-Legal-Method-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” approach to making it easier to buy & sell homes].