How do you guarantee a property will be cashflow positive?

How do you reduce the risk of having your property damaged by the people living in your investment property?

How do you keep the same occupants in your home for five years to minimise vacancies?

How do you get someone else to pay your loan costs, pay the rates, insurance, repairs, maintenance and ALL other expenses on your investment property, yet you still make money from the deal?

How do you turn a negative cashflow property into a positive cashflow property?

How do you get someone to pay you thousands of dollars upfront (which you can spend) before they move into your investment property?

How do you get the cashflow from one property to pay the negative gearing cashflow shortfall of your other properties.

How do you sell a home when the current market value is less than your bank debt?

How do you secure a future Buyer for your investment property for a pre-agreed Sale Price which is above current market values?

How do you get a “set-and-forget” investment that gives you constant positive cashflow?

How do you get access to 100% of the potential Buyers in the market so you can achieve the highest possible selling price in the current market?

How do you make a healthy profit, while making a real and positive difference in the life of a great Aussie family? (you could be “the most important person in the world” to this family).

One Product answers ALL of the above questions.... The Live-In Layby™!

NEGATIVE GEARING - Negative by Name, Negative by Nature!

A negatively geared property is a “cash vacuum”.

Negatively geared property suck cash out of your bank account at the start of the transaction and they suck cash out of your bank account during the entire period you hold the property.

With a bit of “market luck” (i.e. capital growth), you might get to put some cash back into your bank account at the end (hopefully enough to reimburse you for all the cash taken out of your account during the holding process).

Unfortunately the bit at the end doesn’t always work out. Sometimes the property sucks money out of your property at the end as well (if you can’t find a suitable Buyer).

You can lose three times with the negatively geared property (it’s called “negative” for a reason).

In summary, it costs you cash the entire time you own it.

In a few years, you need to “hope & pray” you can find a Buyer willing to purchase the property for a price higher than what it cost you (i.e. what you originally paid plus the holding & selling costs).


The Live-In Layby™ strategy has a totally different focus to negative gearing. Its focus is positive !

The Live-In Layby™ doesn’t “hope & pray” the property makes money based on “market luck” (i.e. capital growth), it makes sure the property makes money !

It’s one of the only investment stategies available that will let you put cash in your bank account at nearly every stage of the transaction.

Essentially you get three bites at the cherry!

The Live-In Layby™ gives you Cash Now (at the start), Cash During (while holding the property) and Cash Later (at the end of the transaction).

The Live-In Layby™ is like a cashflow
“Turbo-Charger” for your portfolio !

In essence, it’s like a sale with a deferred (longer) settlement period. However you make money during the delayed settlement period.

Because the settlement period can be quite long, the Buyer agrees to pay a Premium Price (above current market value).

The Buyer pays your loan repayments and ALL related property expenses during the process !

In addition to this, they pay you a weekly profit (for giving them the settlement flexibility).


• You receive positive cashflow the entire time,

• You have a “locked-in” future Buyer who’ll pay a Sale Price above today’s current market value,

• Someone else pays ALL of the property expenses (even your loan repayments),

• The process is facilitated by experienced, licenced operators meaning you have a genuine “hands-off” passive income investment property.

Because we give Buyers more purchasing options than traditonal agents, Buyers are given a genuine reason to specifically look at Housing Heroes’ properties.

This means we attract more Buyers to our homes !

More Buyers = More Competition = Faster Sales = Better Prices
(due to competitive tension)

To download the Live-In Layby™ Explained for Sellers, click HERE.

Extra Licences Required

The Live-In Layby™ product is a trademarked product exclusively owned by Housing Heroes.

No other agency is allowed to legally provide the Live-In Layby™ in the marketplace. This gives Housing Heroes Buyers & Seller The Housing Heroes Advantage when buying or selling.

In addition to this, the Live-In Layby™ is a credit related product that requires an ASIC approved Australian Credit Licence (an ACL). Traditional agents do not hold an Australian Credit Licence.

Housing Heroes can do everything a traditonal agent can do,
however they can’t do everything we can do !

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