Only Certain Homes Are Available Under Live-In Layby™ Program

To find out which properties are available, do the following:

• Select "AVAILABLE PROPERTIES" from the top/bottom menu bar

• Select "LIVE-IN LAYBY™" from the "What You Can Do" options
(or "DEPOSIT LAYBY™" if that's what you want)

• Select the property you are interested in

It’s Tough Out There

Without doubt, it’s tough trying to buy a house.

You have to pay rent, pay all of your other lifestyle bills, and then try to save a deposit to buy a house with whatever money is left (if any).

While you're locked inside the "Rent Trap", house prices keep increasing, making them more expensive and harder to buy.

This means you need more deposit, meaning you waste even more rent money while you’re in the "holding pattern" trying to break free of the bondage of that hopeless treadmill.

Unfortunately this is why many people never achieve home ownership.

If you’ve saved up enough deposit and you qualify for bank finance (on your own), you don't need the Live-In Layby™ products.

You can simply purchase our properties the traditional way, which is to buy them immediately; with either bank funding, or your own private funding.

However, if you can't secure bank finance on your own (or don't think you can), the Live-In Layby™ product range is a great solution.

Under the Live-In Layby™ Program, you can do either one of the following:

Get the house NOW and get the bank finance later
(i.e. our traditional Live-In Layby™ product), or

Get the house NOW, and get the bank finance NOW with the help of the
Housing Heroes Deposit Layby™ product

Either way, you can get the house NOW!

There’s a better way than just renting...

For many years, Housing Heroes has helped real people achieve real home ownership with our trademarked Live-In Layby™ easy-qualifying home ownership program.

If you've heard of Rent-To-Own, then this is better, and safer.

It's like Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids!

Sadly, the rent-to-own industry has developed a bad name.

It's been disappointing to see unscrupulous "back-yard" operators taking advantage of so many decent people.

And let us be the first to warn you, you should be concerned about some of them.

Many of them aren't licenced (with ASIC) to offer the services they offer. i.e. some of them are acting illegally and you’re putting your family's future in their hands.

You don't have to worry about any of that with Housing Heroes.

We're a licenced credit provider with ASIC. Our Australian Credit Licence is 443249.

This means we have strict rules and regulations governing our behaviour which means you are well protected under a Housing Heroes program.

Over the years we've developed a robust program that, if you commit to it, you will achieve home ownership.

We’ll Even GUARANTEE It!

There's not a single operator we know of (in all of Australia) that is prepared
to give their home Buyers a guarantee that their system will work.

Housing Heroes will.

“Your Own Home In Your Own Name” GUARANTEED!
(If you follow our 5-Step Plan).

The Live-In Layby™ concept is very simple!

You get to live in the house while you:

• Pay off the deposit (under the Deposit Layby™) or

• Save for a deposit (under the Live-In Layby™), or

• Apply some of your weekly payments as a deposit

You "put your foot on the selling price" so it's fixed for a few years (so you don't have to pay more for the same house in the future).

While you’ve “locked-in” the price (i.e. you have price certainty), you get yourself "Bank-Ready".

The system is very flexible and can be tailored to best suit your needs.

The strategy you choose has an impact on the paperwork we use.

Everyone's personal circumstances are different, therefore we need to have a good chat and find out what program suits your particular circumstances the best.

Everything we do is 100% legal and 100% ethical.

You can trust our system because it works!

A Stepping Stone Into the Banking System.

The Live-In Layby™ is a stepping stone into the banking system.

If you don't qualify for bank finance right now, then this program is perfect for you.

You may have challenges with the banks for a few reasons:

• Not enough deposit saved

• Length of Time at Current Employer

• Bad Credit History

• Ex-Bankrupt

• Self Employment income (bank wants more time to assess)

• Employment type (casual, PPT, contract)

If a bank won't lend to you (whatever the reason), it doesn't mean you can't achieve home ownership; it just means you need to find another way to buy your home.

The Housing Heroes Live-In Layby™ program provides that way for you!

Deposit Layby™ - “The-Home-In-A-Hurry” Program

Some people do qualify for bank finance immediately if they only had
a bigger deposit.

Saving the bigger deposit can be very difficult and can take a long time.
Some people even feel it it’s impossible.

The Housing Heroes Deposit Layby™ can help you with the extra deposit!

You actually buy the house now, and pay off the deposit later (while living in the home you already own).

You use our money to buy your home!

To find out more about the Deposit Layby™ program, visit this page: Deposit Layby™ Info.

If the Bank Says NO, Give Housing Heroes a Go!

There are many ways up the same mountain.

The truth is you don't need a bank to buy a home. Under certain circumstances, Housing Heroes can structure a transaction so you don't need to use a bank at all.

However, it's often better to use bank funding, simply because that's how most of the world works, so our Live-In Layby™ programs are designed to help you get "Bank-Ready" while you live in the home you’re buying.

If you'd like to find out more about our Live-In Layby™ programs,
download our Home Buyer Info Kit HERE.

DISCLAIMER: To be approved for the Live-In Layby™ programs, you must complete an application, qualify and be approved. You must have qualifying income (i.e. unemployed or pension income is not suitable) and you must be able to meet the repayments (for your chosen home) without putting you and/or your family in financial hardship.