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Become a Priority Partner?


• We share our own clients with our Priority Partners. We give our clients a "Red-Carpet"
  introduction to the LOCAL LEGEND business.

• You keep all of the profit from any business generated when we refer our clients to you.

• We promote Priority Partner businesses through our own marketing channels.

• There are no joining fees, ongoing fees, contracts or obligations.

• We simply help each other build stronger businesses by sharing our customers together.

More Info About Our Local Legends...

The LOCAL LEGENDS Program is very simple.

Local Businesses can become a HERO in the eyes of their customers/clients by giving them a $500 discount voucher to either buy or sell through Housing Heroes.

They’re called VALUE VOUCHERS and we pay them as cash at settlement.

Essentially we’re giving your customers/clients “Mates Rates”.

YOUR “MATES” are our “MATES” so we treat them special!

The business also receives a $500 Referral Reward
(if the referred person either buys or sells through us).

The team member who made the referral also receives a $250 Referral Reward
(if the referred person either buys or sells through Housing Heroes).

While giving everyone a genuine financial benefit, the business also gives their customers/clients market-leading solutions to their property related transactions and challenges.

Because Housing Heroes has an ACL (Australian Credit Licence), we give buyers and sellers a
REAL advantage when buying or selling a property through Housing Heroes.

We can do everything a traditional agent can do, however a traditional agent cannot do everything
Housing Heroes can do.

We make it easier to buy so it makes it easier to sell.

For example, Housing Heroes will lend “Top-Up” Deposit Funds to buyers (our own money) to help them buy a home sooner. This makes it easier to buy for a buyer, which makes it easier to sell for a seller.

The VALUE VOUCHERS give further benefits to everyone!
(in addition to Housing Heroes’ advanced buyer and seller solutions).


Buyers swap Value Vouchers for $500 CASH at settlement (paid by Housing Heroes).

This means buyers can buy for less; without sellers needing to sell for less!

We use our money to make their home easier to buy - No other agency does this!


Sellers receive a BONUS $500 discount off our existing GUARANTEED BEST VALUE fee structure.

Our BEST VALUE AGENCY GUARANTEE ensures we put “More Money In The Seller's Pocket" than any other agent.

The VALUE VOUCHERS puts even more money in their pocket; simply because they’re your customer.

In addition to paying lower selling fees, the Local Legends Program lets Buyers buy a home for less, without the sellers needing to sell it for less.

This ensures everyone is dealing with the BEST VALUE agency in the marketplace!

We use our money to make their home easier to sell! – no other agency does this.


Referral Rewards let businesses enjoy an additional income stream from their current customers in ways that won’t hurt trade.

The Business makes their customers/clients feel important and respected (saving them money) which keeps them loyal to the business.

The program is specifically designed to help both the LOCAL LEGEND business and Housing Heroes generate more trade by sharing customers with each other.

Business owners also have an opportunity to pay their staff more money while employed by the business, without it actually costing the business any money.

This keeps the team loyal, motivated and financially secure so they won’t need to leave their employment to find a better paying job.

The Local Legends Program is a Profit Accelerator Program for both businesses.

The Profit Accelerator Program booklet can be downloaded HERE.


Team members have a genuine opportunity to earn an income from the property industry without requiring a licence to do so. They simply refer the buyer or seller to Housing Heroes and we take care of everything.

The team members can increase their value to the business by making referrals that pay $500 to the business owner for each successful referral (every business owner loves receiving money).

Team members have fresh and exciting things to talk about with the customers/clients in ways that give everyone genuine financial benefits; with no risk to the customer, business, or team member.

No Obligation to use Housing Heroes

There’s no obligation for referred people to use Housing Heroes, they can use whoever they like.

We’d simply like the opportunity to have a chat with them to see if we can help them.
(while saving them money at the same time)

How to Make the Referrals:

If you’d like to refer someone to a specific property, you can either make the referral on this page and tell us which property it is, or you can go to the actual property page and make the referral there.

Simply select the Local Legends button (in the referral section) on the relevant property page.

Becoming a Priority Partner is Better!

We’d like to refer our customers to your business so they can be your client for life. Hopefully this will make your business more profitable.

Our Priority Partner Program helps us do that.

There are no joining fees, ongoing fees, contracts or obligations.

All we ask is that the Priority Partner businesses creates a special offer that Housing Heroes can give our buyers and sellers; which will encourage them to visit your business and spend money.

We create VALUE VOUCHERS for your business that are co-branded with Housing Heroes so you can track the activity when they are redeemed.

We give these VALUE VOUCHERS to every new family that buys a home in the area so we can give them a “Red Carpet” introduction to your business.

In addition, we can promote your business when we promote our own business (letterbox drops, Facebook, website links etc…)

By working together, we help each other grow our respective businesses.

We can both be more profitable and more competitive in an overcrowded marketplace.


The Local Legends Program is designed to introduce new Buyers and new Sellers to Housing Heroes.

This means Value Voucher discounts & Referral Rewards cannot be paid on transactions that have already been negotiated.

If someone is already negotiating a purchase, obviously that individual is not a "new" introduction to Housing Heroes or the actual property being negotiated by that person.

In those situations, we'll come to alternative arrangements that ensures all parties continue to deal with the BEST VALUE AGENCY in the market.

This is to retain everyone’s confidence in the Local Legends Referral Program.