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• Giving them a further $500 discount off the negotiated purchase price.


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We pay a larger Referral Reward ($750) to people who make regular referrals.

There is no cost to be involved, you simply continue referring buyers and sellers to Housing Heroes (one per month) and we pay you 50% more money for each referral.

More Info About Our Mates Rates...

The Housing Heroes Mates Rates program is VERY simple.

Give anyone you know (family, friends or neighbours) a $500- MATES RATES voucher to buy or sell a home through Housing Heroes and we give both of you $500 CASH when they do.

That’s $500 for them, and $500 for you!

It applies to every single person reading this website. Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Employed, Unemployed, Pensioners, Adults, Kids, even the dog! (You get paid for every successful referral you make).


Buyers swap Mates Rates Vouchers for $500 CASH at settlement (paid by Housing Heroes). This means buyers can buy for less; without sellers needing to sell for less - No other agency does this!


Sellers receive a BONUS $500 discount off our existing GUARANTEED BEST VALUE AGENCY fee structure to ensure we put “More Money In The Seller's Pocket" when it sells.

In addition to paying lower selling fees, the Mates Rates Program lets Buyers buy a home for less, without the sellers needing to sell it for less.

This ensures everyone is dealing with the BEST VALUE agency in the marketplace.

Our Mates Rates Program gives both buyers and sellers a genuine financial advantage when they buy or sell through Housing Heroes.

If you’d like to refer someone to a specific property, you can either make the referral on this page and tell us which property it is, or you can go to the actual property page and make the referral there.

Simply select the Mates Rates button (in the referral section) on the relevant property page.


The Mates Rates Program is designed to introduce new Buyers and new Sellers to Housing Heroes.

This means Mates Rates discounts & Referral Rewards cannot be paid on transactions that have already been negotiated.

If someone is already negotiating a purchase, obviously that individual is not a "new" introduction to Housing Heroes, or the actual property being negotiated by that person.

In those situations, we'll come to alternative arrangements that ensures all parties continue to deal with the BEST VALUE AGENCY in the market.

This is to retain everyone’s confidence in the Mates Rates Referral Program.