In order to provide these additional services, additional licences are required by law.

Housing Heroes is very focused on building a reputable business that continues to grow and help Aussie families for many generations to come.

We believe the real estate industry needs to be more responsive to the needs of modern Buyers and Sellers. The traditional/old agency model is very restrictive in the solutions it can provide.

Anything new is always met with some hesitation. And rightly so.

For any business to grow, it needs the confidence of the consumers, the government regulators and the industry itself.

Being fully licenced in all aspects of our business ensures we have a strong focus on compliance, delivering industry best practice standards, and establishing our company as a credible company to deal with in the industry.

This gives our clients and our industry confidence they’re dealing with a company they can trust.

Housing Heroes' ability to use its Australian Credit Licence for the benefit of Buyers and Sellers gives Housing Heroes’ clients a distinct advantage over competing traditional agencies.

The combination of additional licences, additional more flexible buying & selling options and the Housing Heroes "BEST VALUE AGENCY GUARANTEE" ensures all clients dealing with Housing Heroes achieve the best possible outcome in the marketplace.


Housing Heroes Pty Ltd ATF is a fully licenced real estate agency in Queensland Australia.

Our Licence number : 3036593

Consumers can be confident that when they are dealing with Housing Heroes, they will always be dealing with fully licenced agents who are committed to industry “Best Practice” standards of compliance, ethics and excellence.


The point of difference with Housing Heroes is their ability to provide advanced strategies to make it easier for Buyers to buy property; which makes it easier for Sellers to sell their property.

These products (trademarked to Housing Heroes) require an Australian Credit Licence (an “ACL”) to be provided to the general public.

Because traditional agencies do not hold an Australian Credit Licence, they are unable to provide the additional solutions that Housing Heroes can deliver.

This gives our Buyers and Sellers a distinct advantage when dealing with Housing Heroes.

We can do everything a traditional agent can do, however they can’t do everything we can do!

Australian Credit Licences are issued and regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). This means they have very strict compliance standards and high levels of consumer protection.

This gives everyone confidence they are dealing with a company they can trust.

Australian Credit Licence Number : 443249


To ensure Industry Best Practice with our business practices, Housing Heroes Principal Mike Kelly is a member of the REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland).

Membership Number : 91018

This membership ensures Heroes has access to the most up-to-date legislative changes, has access to the best agency networks and can commit Housing Heroes to the Code of Conduct which ensures best practice is maintained.


As a member of the Vendor Finance Association, Housing Heroes is able to keep up-to-date with current industry-specific legislation changes and expectations.

The Vendor Finance Association is a group of experienced investors who specialise in vendor finance style transactions.

The focus of this group to have an established Code of Conduct that members can adhere to in order to ensure the reputation and viability of the industry is protected, retained and improved.

Membership Number : VFAS999179