The Only “Method-of-Sale” Traditional Agents Understand...

The Outright Sale/Purchase is by far the most frequent type of transaction
conducted in the real estate industry.

Sadly, it's the only type of transaction (i.e method of sale) the traditional
real estate agents understand.

Housing Heroes facilitates these traditional transactions professionally and diligently to ensure all parties achieve their desired outcome.

However, we also have modern and trademarked “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” that help Buyers buy and the help Sellers sell.

We make it easier for Buyers to buy, and make it easier for Sellers to sell.

Our trademarked product range gives both Buyers and Sellers a genuine advantage!

(more info below).

ALL properties listed on are available as an Outright Sale/Purchase with Price & Terms negotiable between the Buyers & Sellers.

To find the properties available as an Outright Sale / Purchase:

          • Click on the menu bar link that says “AVAILABLE PROPERTIES”

          • Select the “Outright Sale” (from the “Sort By What You Can Do” options at the top of the page under the Menu Bar)

          • View & select the properties you wish to inspect

If you’re a Seller who wants to List your Property with us click HERE

If you’re a Seller wanting to book a POWER SESSION click HERE.

           • A POWER SESSION is like an appraisal without the “sales pitch”

                     - You have the option to List your property with us if you want.

             (If you’re a Seller wanting to investigate additional, advanced and modern legal
              selling methods to achieve better results, the Power Sessions will really help).

If you’re a Buyer able and ready to buy a property outright, visit the AVAILABLE PROPERTIES page as indicated above.

If you’re not in a position to purchase immediately, we have other options that can still help you achieve home ownership (options not available through traditional agencies).

Unfortunately, not everyone is in a position to facilitate an Outright Purchase/Sale immediately.

Thankfully, Housing Heroes has a suite of trademarked products that give you more flexible options when you deal with us!



If you have cash and don't need bank finance to purchase, you’re in the strongest possible position to negotiate with the Sellers.


If you currently have your finance approved (and you have your deposit ready) you’re in a strong position to negotiate with a Seller.

Make sure you’re negotiating on properties that are within your financial capacity.

For example, if you have bank approval to buy a property for $500,000, looking at $900,000 properties will waste everyone's time.

That said, if you have approval for $500,000, don't be afraid to look at properties priced at say $550,000 as Sellers may be prepared to have genuine discussions with you if you’re serious about buying their property and have bank finance approval in place.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may like to take advantage of the Housing Heroes Deposit Layby TM program which may let you avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance.


Some buyers make the big mistake of thinking securing finance will be easy if they already have a deposit ready.

This simply isn’t true. The bank can still deny your application.

In order to be confident you can secure finance, you may benefit from having a chat with one of our mortgage brokers who can let you know what your real chances of securing bank finance are.

Send an email to

If you have a deposit and the bank won’t lend to you, or you prefer not using traditional finance, the Housing Heroes Live-In Layby TM product suite can help you.

Depending on which product you select from the range, the Live-In LaybyTM programs lets you live in the house while you either pay off the deposit, or get yourself “Bank-Ready”.

The Live-In LaybyTM Product Suite consists of two main products:

                       • The Live-In LaybyTM Product,


                       • The Deposit LaybyTM Product

The Live-In LaybyTM Product lets you secure the house NOW, and secure the finance later!

                         To find out more about the Live-In Layby TM products, send an email to (Alternatively, click on the "Live-In LaybyTM link/icon").

In order to provide these products, an agency must hold an "ACL" (Australian Credit Licence).

Housing Heroes is one of the only licenced real estate agencies that holds an ACL.

If you prefer traditional finance, it’s highly recommended you speak with a mortgage broker as soon as possible to clarify your buying capacity and your ability to secure bank finance.

To have one of our specialist mortgage brokers assist you with finance, send an email to


If you currently have finance pre-approval, however your deposit is too small (or doesn't exist), you may not be in a position to facilitate an Outright Purchase/Sale at this time.

                                                                                    Never fear, HELP IS HERE!

The best part of dealing with Housing Heroes is that having a low deposit (or no deposit) does not stop you from buying a property immediately.

Simply look at the properties that display "Deposit Layby TM" in the "What You Can Do" options.

The Deposit LaybyTM Product lets you buy the property now, and pay off the deposit later!
(while you’re living in the home you already own).

We like to call it the “Home-In-A-Hurry” Program!

You use our money to buy your home!

No other real estate agency will do that for you!

Simply click on the "AVAILABLE PROPERTIES" tab, then select "Deposit LaybyTM" in the "Sort By What You Can Do" section.

               To find out more about the Deposit Layby program, send an email to (Alternatively, click on the "Deposit LaybyTM link/icon").


Housing Heroes can still help.

Depending on your circumstances and the homes available at the time, Housing Heroes may have a kick-start program that will let you take the first steps towards owning a home.

As part of our commitment to helping people achieve home ownership, we have a

Your own home in your own name, GUARANTEED!


If We Can’t Help, No-One Can!