We all do things at a different pace and as a result we all achieve different results.

We’ve all heard the story of the three personality types, those that make things happen, those that observe things happening, and those that are surprised when everything has changed and they have no option but to say “goodness, what happened?”

Which are you?

Are you the type that wants to take pro-active control of your own wealth creation journey and do whatever you need to do to “set yourself up” for your life, your family and your latter years?

Or, are you the type that watches the game from the grandstand, however you never get to win. You observe others winning, you even love sharing the story, but you never win the game yourself!

We don’t need to address the “what happened” crowd; they won’t be reading this website.

They’ll be somewhere else, doing something else that won’t protect them in their latter years; when once again they’ll say “goodness, what happened”. They’ll be broke and desperate !

Our Priority Partner Program is for investors who want faster, better and more certain results!

The Strategy you choose (and use) is Important!

Un-important things done exceptionally well are still unimportant!

A mediocre or poor investment strategy (no matter how well it’s delivered or performed) will only ever be mediocre.

It always comes down to the “comparative alternative”. Some call this the opportunity cost. It’s the cost of being engaged in one strategy that prevents you from engaging a better strategy.

So How Do You Do It?

How do you accelerate the performance of a property portfolio if you don’t know the advanced strategies, you don’t know the extra options available to you, and you don’t know how to do it.

Our Priority Partner Program solves all of those problems!

We do all the “heavy lifting” so you can get the benefits of the knowledge, without you having to spend the years and money learning the knowledge and techniques.

Our Priority Partners have access to our “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” approach; which lets them achieve the highest possible results from their property portfolio !

We’re not allowed to call it a wealth accelerator program as we’re not licenced to do so, however that’s what it does.

We don’t give investment advice, financial advice, or wealth creation coaching (we’re not licenced to do that), however we do facilitate & manage the process as an agency (as we’re legally allowed to do).

You Can Leverage Off Us!

Most investors have a job, career, or business that damands most of their time.

They want their investments to generate healthy financial returns, however they’re time poor!

Put simply, they don’t have the available time to study, find, secure, facilitate, manage and complete other “transactions”, investments or projects.

Some may want to do development projects but don’t know how. Actually, they normally don’t want to do the development, they just want the money that comes out at the end of the process.

They may not have enough money to do a development on their own but would love to be involved in a funding “syndicate” that bank-rolls the “Top-Up” funding for development projects for a “slice of the equity”.

Some investors want an agent to be their Buyer’s Agent to find them opportunities to purchase property below current market value or with significant opportunity to increase the value.

Our Priority Partners are kept alerted of upcoming and potential opportunities ahead of the pack. Although we’re dealing with “Bricks ‘n’ Sticks”, property is actually a “People Business”.

The relationships you have and the people in your “little black book” of contacts can make all the difference.

Our Priority Partner Program will give you the edge!

Traditional agents simply cannot put together deals the way Housing Heroes can!
(They don’t hold the required ASIC licences or training to provide our specialised service offerings).

Essentially, we can do a whole lot more than traditional agents.

Realistically, it's in the "whole lot more" strategies where the extra profit really lies.

Positive Cashflow For A Positive Lifestyle!

Life’s Too Short To Be Negative!

Many investors are trapped under negatively geared property that cost them money every single week they own it.

Essentially, the investor is subsidizing the lifestyle of their tenant. The tenant couldn’t afford to live in that location if the investor didn’t subsidize the cost to live there.

More than a few investors have been totally wiped out by an out-of-control property portfolio costing them cash, real cash, every single week.

The whole concept of negative gearing rests on an “assumption” that property prices will continue to increase to a level that will reimburse you for the extra holding costs incurred while waiting for the prices to rise, then you’ll start to make some money.

That’s not a fact, it’s a “wish”, a “hope”, a “dream”.

For some investors it’s a nightmare !

Leaving it up to future capital growth is leaving it up to “luck”. It’s nothing short of gambling!

Our “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” approach gives you access to genuine, positive cashflow investment property opportunities (BEFORE tax depreciations or “sexy” accounting tricks).

At it’s simplest level, there’s more money (real cash) in your pocket at the end of the week then there was at the start of the week.

Real & regular “cash-in-the-hand” today is always better than a hope or promise of cash to come in the future. You can’t pay today’s bills with the future “hope”. You can pay with actual cashflow!

The Market Is Hungry

There’s a huge market appettite for our trademarked Live-In Layby™ product range.

We can access a massive part of the buying market that cannot purchase a home any other way.

As a result, we have a “captive audience”. We’re their only credible, “go-to” option!

To fuel the demand, we need investors to supply the stock (i.e. the homes).

Our Live-In Layby™ Investor Priority Partner Program gives investors a positive cashflow investment property with a “locked-in” future Buyer, at a price above current market value in a well-managed, insured environment facilitated by experienced operators.

The Buyer pays all of the rates, insurance, repairs & maintenance.

The Buyer even pays the investors bank loan repayments (plus more).

The investor simply receives positive cashflow at the end of each month!

As with any investment, there’s always a level of risk. This opportunity is no different.

What is different is the risk mitigation measures we put in place to “de-risk” the risky!

The Investor’s Priority Partner Program is not for everyone

The Priority Partner Program certainly is not for everyone.

It’s primarily for pro-active investors who want a real advantage with their portfolio, who want faster, better and more profitable results!

If you’re interested in finding out more, complete the following form and submit...

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Dodgy “Investment” Schemes & Companies

Let’s face it, there are many investment “schemes” out there that are actually scams!

False claims & projections, high-risk ventures and little protection for the investors. Sadly, many of the operators take a “predatory” approach to the whole process.

It’s so incredibly “short-sighted” on the part of the operators of those schemes (scams).

They spend truckloads of money attracting investors to the scheme (through advertising), then they scam their “investors” (who are actually their customers) and burn the relationship.

Then they need to go and spend a truckload more money advertising to find “new-bie” investors to fund their next project/scheme.

Not to mention the legal risk they expose themselves to (breaching their fiduciary obligations to their investors).

We have a very different attitude to the relationships we build with our investors.

We believe it’s cheaper (and more profitable) to share more of the profit with the investor on each deal; so they receive better results and we retain their confidence & loyalty.

They then do more deals with us and refer their family & friends to become Priority Partner Investors. As a result, we don’t need to advertise for new investors to fund the new projects.

This lets us streamline the process by making it easier and faster to take advantage of new opportunities as our investors are “ready-to-go”.

Our time is then spent on finding new and profitable opportunities; as opposed to spending that same time “recruiting & educating” new investors.

Our Priority Partner investors get to leverage off these same efficiencies. They see deals other investors don’t get to see (these deals are normally “wrapped up” before they get to market).

Effectively, the Priority Partners become part of the “Inner Circle”. By committing a little extra loyalty to us, we commit a little extra loyalty to them.

So the question is, do you want to be part of the Inner Circle?

Housing Heroes has developed modern, legal methods of sale (trademarks owned by Housing Heroes) that give Sellers a real advantage when they sell,

…without having to discount the Price to make it happen!

In fact, these “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” let us achieve higher selling prices!

The Housing Heroes Advantage!

Housing Heroes can do everything a traditional agent can do, however
a traditional agent can’t do everything we can do!

Our trademarked range of additional modern methods of sale require
additional licences with ASIC.

This means traditional agents cannot offer these products without
an addtional specialised licence.

Because the product range is trademarked to Housing Heroes, we retain the exclusive use of these products for Housing Heroes Sellers and Buyers.

This give everyone dealing with Housing Heroes an advantage.

That’s why we call it the Housing Heroes Advantage!

Download a copy of the Housing Heroes Advantage for Sellers HERE!

The Deposit Layby®

The Housing Heroes Deposit Layby® program solves the problem Buyers face of not having enough money to buy a home immediately.

It lets them buy the home now, and save the deposit later (while living in the home they already own!)

The Buyers use our money to buy your home immediately.

The interest rate is the same as the primary lender so there is no penalty to use this product.

The easy-qualifying program lets them achieve genuine home ownership years ahead of the traditional route of wasting tens of thousands in dead rent while they save a deposit and watch house prices continue to increase beyond their affordability.

Because they can buy sooner under our Deposit Layby® program,
we attract extra buyers that can look at and buy your property NOW;
not in a few years when they’re finally ready.

We make it much easier to buy a home using the Deposit Layby®.

If we make it easier to buy, we make it easier to sell!

DOWNLOAD the Deposit Layby® Explained for Sellers HERE.

The Live-In Layby®

The Housing Heroes Live-In Layby® is a trademarked product exclusively available through Housing Heroes.

We own the trademark, therefore the program is not available at any
other real estate agency.

The Live-In Layby® helps people who need more “time” to get them themselves “Bank-Ready”.

This program helps Sellers turn negative cashflow properties into positive cashflow properties.

It lets a Seller “lock-in” a Buyer ahead of time, for prices above current market value.

A Seller often needs to give the Buyer a few years to get themselves “Bank-Ready”, however during this period they make a constant positive cashflow return on the property with the loan, rates, insurance, repairs & maintenance all paid for by the Buyer while they’re living in the home.

The Live-In Layby® is like a “Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids” program that takes out all of the bad stuff we all hear about (with the dodgy rent-to-own programs), and we put in a heap of good things to ensure everyone is safe during the transaction.

It gives everyone confidence they are dealing with a company they can trust!

DOWNLOAD the Live-in Layby® Explained for Sellers HERE


Very few, if any real estate agents will guarantee their results.

We do!

Our “More-Money-In-Your-Pocket” Guarantee is the backbone of our

     • We’ll beat any same-service real estate agent by 10%

     • If we fail to achieve an agreed selling price, we’ll discount our BEST VALUE fee structure by a further 10%.

We use our money to make sure there’s more money in your pocket at the end of the transaction.

No other agency does this!

To find out more, or to become a Priority Partner Investor, complete & submit the form on this page.