Purchasing a home can be difficult!

Have you ever missed out on an opportunity to buy because…

1. You didn’t know the opportunity was available?
2. You didn’t have enough money to take advantage of that opportunity?

Our Priority Partners OWN the opportunity!

As a Priority Partner you receive GUARANTEED BENEFITS, as well as SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS that put you at the front of the home ownership race.

We work with you to help you achieve your goal of owning your own home.

We even guarantee it with our Home Ownership GUARANTEE!


1. Our Priority Partners receive first notification of new available properties.

2. Priority Partners receive a $500.oo discount on the deposit required to secure their new home.

3. The Priority Partner Program includes your initial establishment fee of $225.oo
(covers CRAA & TICA reports, reference checks, application fees & registration of documents).


Under the Priority Partner Program for Renters, your housing requirements & buying criteria are given special consideration when we source homes to list & sell.

This includes normal homes listed For Sale by our Sellers, targetted homes specifically purchased by our Priority Partner Investors (who facilitate the Live-In Layby™ Program) and newly constructed homes built by our Priority Partner Developers.

Our internal office software has advanced “Buyer Matching” that automatically alerts our team of new properties that meet our Priority Partner’s nominated buying criteria.

This means our Priority Partners get to look at these properties FIRST, (before anyone else) so they won’t miss out on an opportunity ever again (because they didn’t know about it).

Considering our “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” options give Housing Heroes Buyers an extra “leg-up” not available through other agencies, it really does give our Priority Partners their best possible chance of achieving home ownership!

Housing Heroes cannot guarantee that we will find the exact home you’re looking for, however your needs are given PRIORITY CONSIDERATION once you become a Priority Partner.

At only $495.oo this represents MASSIVE VALUE for minimal outlay!

The Priority Partner Program applies to all of our selling programs (Outright Sales, Deposit Layby™ and Live-In Layby™).

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