Another Way Up The Mountain

Rather than wasting your rent money, risking being evicted at the end of the lease, and helping the landlord pay off their investment property, why not "invest" that money in your own home under a flexible Rent-To-Own program available through Housing Heroes.

At least your income is going towards something worthwhile.

The reality is most people rent far longer than they want to (or need to).

This is because they either can't get bank finance, or they don't know there’s a better way.

Some don't have a large enough deposit saved (which is required by a bank), therefore they have to keep renting while they try to save more.

This is called the "Rent Trap".


(taken from the Deposit Layby™ Info Booklet)

You’re renting, you’re sick of it. You decide you want to buy a house and it's time to take action.

You have a little bit of money saved, however you don't think it's enough to use as a deposit to buy a place immediately.

You look at houses on the market (at today's prices) and decide you want to buy a particular type of house. In today's market it’s worth "$X".

You know you'll need a deposit but you're not quite sure how much you'll need. You decide 5% of "$X" is a good place to start.

While you’re trying to save the "magic number" (5% of "$X") as your deposit, you pay a landlord tens of thousands of dollars every year in dead rent.

The landlord uses your money to pay off the rental house that belongs to them.

It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, to save the "magic number".

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you own it), history has shown that with time, the prices of property tend to increase.

So time passes, you've been disciplined and saved diligently. You've finally saved the "magic number" (5% of "$X") and you think you’re ready to buy a house.

If the house prices haven't moved during the period you were renting and saving your deposit, BINGO, you’re ready and able to buy the same house at the same price.

However, if the house prices have increased during that period, you now have a problem.

The deposit you saved (5% of $X) is no longer enough to buy that house.

That house isn't worth "$X" any more, it's now worth "$Y" and you'll have to pay the difference.

You now need 5% of "$Y".

Chances are you might not be able to buy that house, even after wasting all of that rent money and saving diligently.

You might still be "locked out" of the home buying market and you may need to continue renting (for even longer) to keep building the deposit required to meet the future price of your chosen house (whatever that might be) when you are finally ready.

SO, it's back on the RENT TRAP while you continue to save!

For many renters, this cycle simply doesn't stop.

Some NEVER get to purchase a home.

Those who succeed pay tens of thousands in unnecessary dead rent while they’re saving their deposit (with whatever money is left over after paying all of their other bills).

They end up paying significantly more for the very same house!

The Housing Heroes RENT-To-OWN program can beat the RENT TRAP!

If a buyer takes advantage of a Rent-To-Own program, they "lock-in" the price of the home for an agreed number of years so that when they are ready to buy, prices haven't increased so much that they’re no longer affordable.

A Rent-To-Own program (successfully executed) lets you "catch" any capital appreciation the house experiences.

You Get The Home Now, Get The Loan Later!

We tell all of our Rent-To-Own tenants that if they stick to the program and make it work, it could be one the best decisions they ever make for their family.

Weekly payments under a Rent-To-Own program are definitely higher than a normal rental agreement, however that makes sense when you consider that the owner has agreed to give you all of the capital growth above a certain amount.

There needs to be something in it for the Seller or it wouldn't make sense to entertain the idea.

It's the ultimate "TRY-B4-U-BUY" program.

One of the real benefits of this program is that if the house prices don't increase, or even worse, if they go backwards, you’re not committed to having to purchase the property.

However, if the house prices increase through the roof, the seller MUST sell to you at the pre-agreed price.

As long as you can secure finance and facilitate the sale, you get to keep any equity increase the property enjoys above the agreed purchase/sale price.


You need to be careful, Rent-To-Own programs have a bad reputation.

Previously the industry has not been regulated. As a result, many “rogue traders” took advantage of people who simply weren’t ready to take on the responsibility of a Rent-To-Own program.

Thankfully that has now changed.

Long overdue regulation is cleaning up the industry and providing a platform for honest & ethical investors to help people who need a little more flexibility than the traditional banks can provide.

To ensure you maximize your ability to achieve home ownership, we follow very strict Responsible Lending Guidelines to ensure you are not being placed into hardship by taking on financial commitments above your capacity to pay.

If you commit to our 5-Step Plan, we offer a Home Ownership GUARANTEE !

Your Own Home In Your Own Name...GUARANTEED!

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Only certain homes are available under the Rent-To-Own program.

To find out which properties are available, do the following:

* Select "AVAILABLE PROPERTIES" from the top/bottom menu bar

* Select "LIVE-IN LAYBY™" from the "What You Can Do" options (the Rent-To-Own Program is a purchase option under the Live-In Layby™ product range).

* Select the property you are interested in.

If you'd like to find out more about our Live-In Layby™ programs,
download our Home Buyer Info Kit HERE.

DISCLAIMER: To be approved for the Live-In Layby™ programs, you must complete an application, qualify and be approved. You must have qualifying income (i.e. unemployed or pension income is not suitable) and you must be able to meet the repayments (for your chosen home) without putting you and/or your family in financial hardship.