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• Select the “AVAILABLE PROPERTIES” tab on the top/bottom Menu Bar

• Select the “Rent” option in the “Sort by What You Can Do” options bar

• Review & select the properties you are interested in

If You’re a Landlord you may like to discuss ways to make better use of your rental portfolio with our trademarked product range not available through traditional agencies. Click HERE!

If You’re a Renter you may like to speak to us about some better options than renting.
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But It’s still “Dead Rent”:

Although we can (and do) assist with rental properties, it is not our predominant focus.

Our predominant focus is helping people get out of the “Rent Trap”.

We help people move from being Renters to being Buyers.

If the Bank says NO, Give Housing Heroes A Go!

“Why rent when you can either own a property, Rent-To-Own a property, or use the Live-In Layby™ to get you out of paying dead rent?”

Unfortunately, "Rent Money is Spent Money”.

In addition to that, there’s no certainty you’ll be able to continue living in your current home for as many years as you want to; or even at the end of your current lease for that matter.

Often, when owners decide to sell their investment property, it’s purchased by owner occupiers; meaning the Buyer wants to move into the house (as their home).

This means you (as the tenant) have to move out and find a new place.

This can cost you thousands of dollars, significant inconvenience, and there’s no certainty you’ll find another home that’s in the same school catchment zones or near your regular “hangouts”, family and friends.

Our Live-In Layby™ programs now provides genuine options to avoid all of the above problems.

Live-In LaybyTM

Housing Heroes has trademarked the Live-In Layby™; an easy-qualifying
home ownership program that lets you achieve real home ownership.

It’s like a “Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids”.

The Live-In Layby™ program has multiple, flexible options available to you that genuinely help you achieve home ownership.

We act as a “stepping stone” between where you are now, and actually owning the home or securing traditional bank finance.

We specialise in helping people who have challenges securing traditional bank finance.

Effectively we help you get “Bank-Ready”.

Click HERE to find out more about the Live-In Layby™.

Deposit Layby TM

The Deposit Layby™ is the fastest way to achieve home ownership.

That’s why it’s called the “Home-In-A-Hurry” program.

You buy the home now, and pay off the deposit later (while living in
the home you already own).

You use our money to buy your home (must be a home being sold through Housing Heroes).

Click HERE to find out more about the Deposit Layby™ for Buyers & Renters.

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