We’ve come to appreciate over the years that some people can go through some really tough times during isolated periods of their life. This can result in them being listed on TICA.

Whether it was a bad spouse relationship, a period of unemployment, or a significant family or health issue that impacted the tenancy at the time, some TICA listings need a little more investigation.

Some people are even listed on TICA when they didn’t cause the problem personally (i.e. they used their name on a tenancy to help out a troubled family member).

Most say NO, we say “Maybe”.

Rather than simply say “NO” to anyone listed on TICA, we take a responsible approach and consider their application on the merits of where they're at in life today.

We look at their circumstances today and ask a lot of questions.

We look at their circumstances around the period when the listed TICA incident occurred and we ask a lot of questions.

We try to really understand what has happened.

If there’s a clearly established history of multiple offences over a long period of time, we certainly can’t help.

However, if there’s been a significant period of time since the last incident and current references can be verified, we try.

If everything indicates it was “good people going through a bad patch in their lives”, we’ll definitely consider renting to them “on an even keel”.

We’ll hold positive discussions with our landlords to see if they are prepared to give you a go.

The Landlord Decides After Hearing Both Sides!

Ultimately the decision to approve tenancies is up to the landlords, however we “plead the case” if we’re confident you won’t place our landlords and/or their properties at risk.

Obviously our landlords prefer “clean skin” tenants who have a well demonstrated history of paying their rent on time while taking good care of the houses they live in.

However, some of our landlords will “give you a go” under our TICA re-establishment plan.

Owning an investment property can be expensive and many investors actually lose money every week (with negative gearing).

This means they rely on your regular rent payment to pay the associated property expenses and they certainly don’t want to incur additional expenses repairing unnecessary damage.

If we’re confident the rent will be paid on time and the house is not at risk of damage, we’ll try to “make it happen” for you.

We’ll Be Thorough, Practical & Reasonable!

We will be thorough in our due diligence, however we will be very reasonable and practical with our assessment.

We’ve helped many previous tenants re-establish a good rental reference when they demonstrate a very good payment history with us and take very good care of the properties they rent.

Sometimes, a bad TICA history can plague you for years and it definitely makes it very difficult to find a home and provide accommodation for you and your family.
Sometimes our Easy-Qualifying-Home-Ownership problems are a better way to go!
No need to worry about what the landlord says if you’re the actual owner!

If this is something you may be interested in, look at the Live-In Layby™ Program and the Deposit Layby™ program for more options to solve your TICA problems.

[Housing Heroes actively list people on TICA who breach our own rental agreements, who cause damage, or otherwise commit an act against the property, landlord or lease agreement that allows the TICA registration to be lodged. Housing Heroes does not tolerate tenant non-compliance with lease agreements in any way what-so-ever, however we do offer good people a genuine opportunity to re-establish their rental reference if previous TICA issues have been recorded and current circumstances suggest previous issues will not be repeated. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our landlords first and foremost and this is the party who we must protect at all times while managing their property].